About Ari

Ari Isaacman Bevacqua completed her yoga teacher training in 2011 with Yoga District. In 2014, she completed her certification in Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga with Wrightsville Stand-Up Paddleboard. Over the last decade, Ari has taught at a variety of yoga studios in D.C., in homeless shelters and at the White House Athletic Center.

Ari serves as the Director of Communications at The New York Times, where she has written about yoga.

Ari has on-demand classes available on Instagram at Ari_NYT. You can also listen to her yoga playlists on Spotify here.

Yoga guides and stories in The New York Times by Ari:

Private Yoga Classes

Ari can bring yoga to your...

  • Birthday party (for kids and/or adults)

  • Bachelorette party

  • Bridal shower

  • Team-building session in the workplace

  • Friend group outing (locally or at a weekend getaway location)

  • Restorative session for a running or other athletic/hobby group

  • And more!

Your Custom Class

So many options...

  • Spa yoga to stretch and chill

  • Power yoga for a strength-building workout

  • Deepening yoga for flexibility

  • Yoga on land followed by stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

  • SUP yoga (yoga on a stand up paddle board)

  • Classes can also be customized through pose requests, essential oils, music selections, etc.

Book your custom yoga class with Ari by emailing ari.isaacman@gmail.com. Fees for private classes vary by class size, length and other factors, generally in the $40-100 range. Ari can also rent space to host your custom yoga class for an additional fee. Classes that benefit a nonprofit cause may be at a reduced rate or free. Also: if you would like to attend a regular class at a studio/event with Ari but cannot afford it, please text or email and Ari will register you for free.